Wildfleur Botanical Silk Scarves
A collection of wearable botanical studies
Project Aim /
A collection of textile prints inspired by native New Zealand flora. These designs are based on my own botanical recordings and specimen collections. The textile designs are printed on a series of silk scarves and exhibited on the Wildfleur website. Photography is used to create imagery that captures the essence of the Wildfleur brand.
Project Keywords /
Botanical Illustration // Textile Design // Fashion Photography // Visual Identity // Website Design
Intention & Outcome /
Wildfleur's silk scarf collection is an expression of my appreciation for nature as well as being wearable pieces of art. It is important that the designs are timeless and unique rather than following a trend.
In my practice I hold a large importance on the handmade so it was important for me to choose project which allowed me to develop my illustration skills. During this project I completed a drawing a day for one month, this allowed me to explore and refine different mark making techniques, which helped me to develop a style that is reminiscent of the detailed, realistic paintings and etchings of early explorers and naturalists.
When illustrating botanicals it is important to draw from the actual specimen rather than a photograph because of its three dimensional nature. Finding and identifying native specimens to study was challenging, so I also used botanical New Zealand artists like Audrey Eagle as a reference guide, whose work mainly focuses on illustrating New Zealand native trees and shrubs.
It was also important that the textile designs were informed and refined. By taking the time to learn about a range of native New Zealand plants and by experimenting with different mark making techniques I developed a range of refined contemporary final designs.
Silk scarves are an incredibly versatile accessory. They can be worn in so many different ways creating different looks, while also hiding and revealing different parts of the pattern each time. The scarf gave me an element of freedom when creating the designs, providing a canvas to place the design in a number of different ways as appose to a seamless pattern.
Project Purpose /
The purpose of my project is to create wearable works of art that celebrate New Zealand’s native flora through botanical specimen illustration.
Project Attitude & Positioning /
This project celebrates artisan craft, slow fashion and feminine beauty. It is the polar opposite of mass produced fast fashion. Each flower has been carefully studied, illustrated and placed to create timeless designs, then printed on high quality 100% silk.
Find us here: wildfleur.co.nz
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